Monday, May 14, 2012

My Baby is 3

Amazing how fast my kiddos our growing up.  Today my baby Baby turned 3.
I clearly remember her birth.

She is looking older.  And expresses so much.
Baby loves to play with friends, on the computer, read, climb and still is a joker.
She is doted on by everyone and probably always will be.  Can't get away from being the baby.
Delivering her birthday party invites.
Practicing her candle-out blowing.   
Love all her expressions!

 Gift opening.
Gift from Gpa & Gma D.
 Duck hooded towel and books from family.
 "The reach in."

 Yummmm!  Thank you Grandma and Grandpa D!
Snow cones and fun with friends and family.

We love you M!
Thank you for bringing so much happiness to our family!
Happy Birthday!

Photos by M1 and Mwa.


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