Saturday, June 6, 2009


fingers on each hand. 5 toes on each foot. 5th girl and child born to us. 5 minutes to give birth. Caution: The following account may be graphic for some. And this blog is long. Okay, well the labor actually started about 4am. I couldn't sleep because the contractions were so hard, so got up and started my day. I had false labor the Friday previous and wasn't going to get rejected again. I wanted to make sure it was the real thing before going to the hospital. They said come in when contractions were at least 1 minute long and 3-5 minutes apart. I felt like this was going to be the day, but was going to make sure. As the morning rolled along and 2 of the girls were off to school I finished preparations, just in case, I would be having baby 5 that day. Contractions varied from 10-20 minutes apart, all being fairly strong. I laid down to check timing of contractions - man o man did the contractions keep getting stronger, but still about 10 minutes apart. I was gripping the couch with the contractions, but they were too far apart to really mean something, right? About 11:30am I had Rob put some water on for Mac & Cheese so that we would have lunch ready for the girls and probably be on our way shortly after that. I had Kindergarten Car Pool that day and sent Rob to do it. By the time he returned about 10 minutes later my contractions were about 3 minutes apart. Yes, it was definitely time to go! For the past hour or MORE I had not been able to talk through contractions. I should've realized that was a sign too. But didn't think until later that- oh yah, if you can't talk through the pain, then you should probably go to the hospital. I arranged for the girls to go to a friends'. I. was sick and so Rob's mom was coming to watch her for a few hours, but I couldn't wait for her to get to the house. Rob had already dropped M and A off at the friends' and so then we dropped I off.
Let's go, let's go!!! I was glad to have the handle above the car window to grip. (: Rob raced us to the hospital, which is about 15-20 minutes away, breaking several traffic rules: speeding, weaving, driving on the shoulder, ... I called my Dr.'s office to have them call the hospital to get a room ready: I am going to have my baby! They asked, How far away are you? Are you at home? I responded, No, I am a block away. Pulled into the hospital and they were waiting for me at Labor and Delivery. Do you want a wheel chair? No. (sitting down didn't seem like it would feel good and I didn't want to waste ANY time). I walked into the room that they were prepping. I heard one of the nurses say something about an epidural. What about the epidural, I asked. They didn't answer. I said I needed to go to the bathroom. I could see the worried look on the nurses faces. I stepped into the bathroom and then immediately back out because I realized the baby was coming. I again had asked about the epidural (I have had one for all my other births) and again no one answered. I got quickly changed and the nurse checked me. Yep, fully effaced and dilated. The only thing holding the baby back was for my water to break. Within 10 seconds - My water broke. The nurse responded, Yep, there is the baby's head. At that moment the doctor walked in. Let me say that I have enjoyed my epidurals. But because of not having one I pushed as hard and much as possible to have the baby as quickly as possible! My baby 5 was born healthy and yes, a girl. The nurse said that I walked into the room at 12:48pm and had the baby at 12:53pm. Only 5 minutes. WOW! That was a close one. I am very thankful that I didn't have to have the baby in the car or the elevator or anywhere else but the hospital room. Rob was extremely glad too! So I wasn't rejected and sent home and was happy to have had the baby on May 14th.
6 lbs. 12 oz., 18 1/2" I was going to be induced on 5/14 but then received a call saying they were booked and set me for 5/16. Saturday was a busier day but I didn't want to put it off longer. I normally would wait until after my due date (for this one it was 5/18- my little bro.'s bday) to consider getting induced, but this was going to be my last and I was ready to move on. Okay, yah it wasn't much earlier, but hey when you are big and done, you're done! So even though they said I couldn't come Thursday the 14th my baby wanted to come that day no matter what.
It has been 3 weeks since this as happened.  Amazing, 3 weeks.  It seems like it has been longer.  The girls have all been wonderful with the baby!  I only have to make sure I. doesn't try and pick her up to be like her older sisters.  I. has to give the baby hugs and kisses all the time.  I am so proud of my girls and the love that they all share!


jenica 07 June, 2009 18:31  


you are my hero shell.


Kristi 07 June, 2009 20:39  

Oh my goodness Shelley! That was FAST! Congratulations again! She is beautiful! We can't wait to meet her!!

Phoebe 14 June, 2009 23:00  

What a fabulous birth story. Amazing!

Congrats to the happy family!

emily ruth 15 June, 2009 07:52  

congratulations, shelley!
what a great story...
i'm so glad there was no traffic:)

what a huge blessing: 5 girlies!
we are so happy for you guys...


nanci 25 June, 2009 00:42  

Shelley!!! I didn't even know you were pregnant! Oh my gosh, and another girl! Well, when you do something well, you might as well keep doin it, heck with the boys! Your girls are so so so cute. I can't believe I haven't seen you in so long. I don't know when I'm coming back to Utah, but I for sure want to see you when we do. Seriously, your girls are adorable, and my head is still spinning that you have FIVE of them!! Congratulations on this last one!

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