Thursday, January 14, 2010

100 Things About Me

I took this idea from Amy .  I thought this was a good idea and followed suit.

1.    I love light.
2.    I need light.
3.    Working in the yard and garden is therapeutic for me.
4.    I love water - to drink, swim, listen to, feel, watch ...
5.    I love the smell of rain - it reminds me of my childhood in Oregon.
6.    I have 5 brothers.
7.    I have 5 daughters.
8.    I love to dance.
9.    It is hard for me to make decisions because I enjoy so many different styles.
10.  I can't sleep with wrinkled sheets or clothing.
11.  I love to read (a good book).
12.  I stopped drinking soda in 8th grade because I felt it wasn't healthy for me.
13.  I enjoy exercising.
14.   I'm a morning person.
15.   I miss Buck and Dad. (Buck (aka Jeff), my baby brother, passed away in 2006 and Dad in 2002).
16.   Life and Religion are one.
17.   My mind and body are happy when I get 8 hours of good sleep.
18.   I am happy to be finished breastfeeding (not a favorable experience with any of my children)
19.   I enjoy learning about different people and cultures.
20.   I want to travel.
21.   I love to serve others.
22.   Education is very important.
23.   The internet is wonderful.  I can learn about anything while sitting at my desk.
24.   I enjoy art.
25.   I played flute in the 6th Grade Band when I was 27 years old as a PE teacher at the school.
26.   U2! 

27.   I like to be barefoot.
28.   I enjoy baking desserts.
29.   I now own a Mac.
30.   Technology makes my life simpler and busier.
31.   I enjoy putting together parties.
32.   I get motion sick.
33.   I enjoy doing Family History 
34.   I want to learn more about plants.
35.   I would like a "pro" camera to go along with my desire to develop my photography skills.
36.   I enjoy fresh fallen snow.
37.   I am glad I get to enjoy all four seasons.
38.   I thought I would have mostly sons.
39.   I taught K-12 PE for 5 years.
40.   I was an Elementary After Schools Program Director for 2 years.
41.   I sing in my church choir.
42.   I have been in a Primary presidency since I got married almost 9 years ago.
43.   I got married when I was 29.
44.   I turned 30 on my honeymoon.
45.   The Honeymoon was a cruise around the Hawaiian Islands (and yes, I was seasick)
46.   I don't like to know the ending of movies, books, etc. before-hand.
47.   I am a control-freak.
48.   I'm learning how not to be such a control-freak.
49.   Some days 5 is a large number.
50.   I love where I live.
51.   I like to window shop for ideas to make the stuff.
52.   I need to make Yoga a regular part of my life.

53.   I am German, Dutch, Welch, Portuguese, English, Cherokee Indian.
54.   Cemeteries are exciting because they hold a lot of history.
55.   Bombay House is one of my favorite restaurants.
56.   A favorite thing at Christmas time is to sit with only the white Christmas tree lights on and listen to soft Christmas music.
57.   My husband and I have a wonderful relationship.
58.   I was buried up to my chin under a fallen tree when I was 5 years old.
59.   I like to be on time - which means at least 5 minutes early.
60.   I like my bed made in the morning.
61.   I am thankful to have been raised to know English - I believe it is one of the harder languages to learn.
62.   I speak Spanish.
63.   I served an LDS mission in Puerto Rico.
64.   I want to serve more missions with my husband.
65.   I have hazel eyes - they were brown when I was young.
66.   I am claustrophobic.
67.   I do NOT like rodents.
68.   I don't like to be the center of attention.
69.   I love pork.
70.   I wish we lived like in the Book of Mormon times when you could even trust your enemies word/oath.
71.   I like "real" people.
72.   I don't like cats.
73.   I love bread.
74.   I like my own space.
75.   I am tactile sensitive.
76.   I am grateful for my family.
77.   I don't watch TV.
78.   I usually watch only edited movies.
79.   I used to own the largest Cleanflix store and was not a big movie watcher.
80.   I am anxious for Spring.
81.   I like open space.
82.   I enjoyed growing up with only brothers and wanted a twin brother.  Now I wish that I had a sister too.
83.   I like that our neighbors have farm animals.
84.   I have many anxieties.
85.   I don't wear much jewelry.
86.   My favorite piece of jewelry is my wedding band that my husband designed and helped make.
87.   I like to snowboard more than ski.

88.   I enjoy creating.
89.   I started a book club in my neighborhood.
90.   I look forward to not having any children in diapers.
91.   I played softball in high school, but wish I had played soccer.
92.   I like live plants in my house.
93.   I don't have any house pets nor do I want any (fish excluded).
94.   I am looking forward to going to Women's Conference.
95.   I wish that I knew what each herb/plant could be used for.
96.   I usually am doing something while watching a movie at home.
97.   I prefer showering over taking a bath.
98.   My hair didn't grow past my shoulders until I was pregnant with my first child.
99.   Outside the US - I have only been to Canada (this does not include Puerto Rico since they are a US Territory).
100.  I am working on starting a couple of businesses with other people.   


jenica 20 February, 2010 21:12  

i love that you did this! so much i didn't even know about you.

doTERRA Remedy 22 February, 2011 11:08  

This was a lot of fun to read! I can help you with 95... I know a lot about what herbs/plants do for us because thats where essential oils comes from.

doTERRA Remedy 22 February, 2011 11:09  

btw... This is Ashley Willis. :)

Tiffanie 17 March, 2011 12:42  

This is cute - mind if I steal this idea too? :)

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