Sunday, June 12, 2011

12of12 June 2011

1.  Good Morning Baby
2.  Miss B built this temple using the upwords game.  She was very proud of it and wanted me to take a photo of it.  Good Sunday morning activity.
3.  Miss M reading to Little I.  M isn't centered in the photo because I also wanted to point out the hair styling on Little I.  I believe Miss M did it.
4.  Doing some family journaling (aka blog post).
5.  Found Baby in the van buckling.  She loves to try and buckle herself in the "big kid seats." One of her older sisters must have opened the door for her.
6.  Miss B and Little I playing a duet.
7.  Lounging on the hammock.  I had to take this angle shot because Miss M was trying to avoid being in the photo.
8.  Little I helping prepare dinner.  She posed for the photo.  She is winking at me. She actually did have one eye open for a little bit, but I didn't catch it in the photo.  And she is doing somewhat of an egyptian style pose.
9.  Performance directed by Miss M, per usual.  This one titled "Black and White."  I found out later that she even went to the neighbor's (see #12) to invite them.  They would have come but they were just sitting down to eat.  Tomorrow's performance: "Pink and Yellow."  So if you missed tonight, maybe you can catch tomorrow's show.
10. Baby and I "playing" Candyland.  I thought I would try using my remote since I haven't much.  I was laughing because Baby knew our photo was being taken and she was looking at the camera.  When I use the remote the camera flashes and beeps like it is set on self-timer.  Does yours do that?  I want to use the remote, but discreatly.  I will have to read up on it more.
11. Dish line-up.  Most of what you see has already been washed.  Sometimes it just seems like a lot, especially after not getting it all cleaned from the day before - too busy playing ;)
12. Our neighbor's birthday, Linda.  This family is great!  Earlier the girls and I went over to sing her happy bday and give her some treats and cards.  Later Rob saw her trying to hit a pinata and so we went over to enjoy the entertainment.  This family has had My Pearls over for several holiday parties that they put together just for them.  They helped when Miss A fell and we had to rush her to the hospital.  Among other things, they also watched the girls during Christmas time so that we could do some shopping.  We are grateful to have such wonderful neighbors!

Want to play along? Go here for more info on the 12of12.


kylee 13 June, 2011 14:24  

lounging on the hammock. so jealous. i would love nothing more than to own a hammock. having good neighbors is always the best!

amy gretchen 15 June, 2011 11:42  

love how kids will play with toys different ways. I can totally see why she'd use upwords to built a tower.

looks like a great day shelley. love the hammock. perfect weather for it now.

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