Thursday, January 13, 2011

12of12 January 2011

Wow!  Another year and another set of 12of12s to begin.  It will be interesting to see how this year pans out.  This week has already been an action packed week.  Warning: This month's 12of12 (so, today the 12th) is more of a downer than upper.   Also what I write may be too graphic for some.

 Today's blog is more than just the 12of12.  The photo above + the incident that occurred there is played over and over in my mind.
1.  The week (Sunday - well at least part of Sunday) started off well.  We celebrated B's 9th Bday Sunday evening because we were going to a pro-basketball autograph signing the next night, on her birthday.  (More on the birthday celebration later).
I have felt kind of bad that her birthday turned out the way it did.  B has been a good sport about it and hasn't complained.  We did get to do most everything planned now that I think about it.  But I'm still proud of her.
So that evening the girls we upstairs playing with B's new toy (doll horse).  Rob had just commented on how well they were playing together.  And they were.  Not that that has anything to do with what I tell you next, I just wanted to put that good stuff in writing.  Anyway,  Rob and I were talking in the front room and I was facing the stairway (as viewed in the first photo).  Miss M came down the stairs talking to me (thus I was looking up at the stairs) and then in a flash Miss A is getting on the banister to slide down and goes over.  I see her fall 12 feet on her face to the wooden floor.  I am shaking a little just thinking about the incident.  I run to her and turn her over to see her mouth full of blood.  I can see her teeth knocked in and she is spitting out a part of a tooth.  I didn't notice until moments later that she had also badly split open her chin.  Both Rob and I were in shock and didn't know exactly who to call (this was before seeing the chin).  Our wonderful neighbors were able to come over and take care of the other girls while we took A to the emergency room.  I will spare you the more graphic photos. 
She had a CAT scan and only a broken jaw bone.  I write only because it could have been so much worse.  She received 19 stitches: lip and chin.  Had 1 tooth removed.  The oral surgeon didn't want any removed because he would need to use them to wire her mouth shut.  I requested at least the one because it was dangling and I didn't want it to come out on its own and cause her to choke, the doctor agreed.
Monday morning we went and saw the oral surgeon.  Discussed the situation with him and then scheduled the surgery for Tuesday morning.  Rob and I were both planning on going.  I finally found someone to watch my two small ones and arrange for the others to get to school when my baby threw up.  Yes, lets add some really sick children into the mix.  The next day her sister, Little I, joined her in throwing up.  At least it isn't A.   I would hate for her to go through that also right now! I think it turned out to be a blessing that I wasn't there for the surgery.  Rob had to sit in the lobby and I would have been going crazy not being able to know what was happening.  We found out from the surgeon that A broke most all of her teeth, not just a few like we originally thought.  So after her mouth is not wired shut she will be visiting the dentist.  Poor Girl!
This photo is her looking pretty good on Tuesday.  I had to take the photo.  She hadn't shown me this much of her mouth.  She only did it when her friend Mr. M came over.  She is doing well.  She has been pretty brave the entire time.  And has been soaking up the attention as her nature to do so.  She has always been able to coerce people to do things for her and now has an easy excuse.  
But, hey, she can get all she wants right now.  I am just so thankful she is home and okay for the most part!!!

To continue on with the 12of12.

2.  A neighbor picking up the older 2 girls to give them a ride to school.  This is one of many kindnesses received since A got hurt.  Dinners, visits, calls, gifts, love, prayers and more.
3.  Baby receiving her nebulizer treatment.  This is to hopefully help her from getting RSV.  Today she did NOT enjoy it.  Not that she ever really does.  But usually I can keep her calm for most of the time.  Not today.
4.  "Peach" the Bear that A received from the hospital.  She has it with her most all of the time.
5.  Miss A painting Thank You cards and Little I painting the letter I.  Always good to create for a stress relief.
6.  So I joined in and did a creative project.  That is actually one of the reasons why I encouraged the girls to paint: so that I could work on a project by them.
7.  Little I now sick with a high fever and later threw up.
8.  A visit from A's best friend Mr. M.
9.  Mr. M's mom, my good friend.  A nice visit for me.
10.  A's liquid diet.  Drinks and pureed whatever she desires.  In the photo her dinner of noodles and white sauce was blended.  BTW, ice cream, brownies and milk make for a great shake.
11.  Miss M comforting her sister by singing a lullaby and caressing her for bedtime.  Miss A actually only has to wriggle her shoulders and grunt a little when Miss B is around to get a back rub.  Like I said, she knows how to get pampered.
12.  Baby climbing the bunk bed.  Nope, didn't learn anything from her sister's fall. Ha!

Overall, everything feels okay.  There definitely has been more love around the house.  I am deeply grateful for my family.  I am thankful for the little things that my children teach me.
I am so thankful for the prayers and love sent by others.  We are blessed!


Anonymous,  13 January, 2011 12:08  

Oh my goodness. I know it could have been worse, but what an ordeal for everyone involved. Here's to the healing properties of ice cream!

Amy G. 13 January, 2011 12:13  

No words... just a great big virtual hug to you and your family. wow. just. wow.

Amy 13 January, 2011 13:31  

oh, honey! What a day! and a weekend! Good luck to everyone and please let me know if I can do anything for you guys!

amy gretchen 14 January, 2011 12:24  

oh my goodness what an ordeal. i'm so so sorry. i'm glad that you have been taken care of. let me know if you need anything.

jenica 15 January, 2011 23:01  

you are a warrior, you know me, i would have been a sobbing mess. and i'm sure you were inside too. ((((bighugs)))) so glad she's on the mend. poor baby. poor mama.

(how'd you get so many amy's to comment? ;-D)

Phoebe 24 February, 2011 13:11  

Poor girl (and poor parents!)! there is nothing worse than an injured child. Way to be brave!

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