Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer Fun Week 1

I made a goal to take My Pearls hiking at least once a week and to a water venue once a week during the summer.  So far so good.  Below is a synopsis of Summer Week 1.

~ The sun shone.  Yahooooo!
~ The first water venue was a splash pad at a 20 acre public park.  We enjoyed the playgrounds as well.  Unfortunately I didn't catch any photos.  My husband took a video at the playground.  (Please excuse the cough in the video.  Poor guy has had a cough for weeks that won't go away).  The playgrounds had unique equipment.  It was a lot of fun.
~  Went on hike #1 to a waterfall close to our home.
and got very dirty.  I don't think you can tell, 
but Little I even has dirt all over her face and around her eyes.
The water was running really fast and so they could only play on the side.  A ton of water run off because of the wet, wet spring and high snow pack finally coming down the mountains.  One ski resort is still open IN JUNE.
 ~ Went to a summer water party at Jenica's.  It was a cool day and so it became just a party - no water.  The kiddos were already too cold.  But it was fun! 
Jenica also treated everyone to pizza and popsicles.

~ Caught a baby raccoon at above said party.
~ I volunteered for a Hidden Garden Tour.  People go around neighboring cities to private homes to tour the gardens/yards.  Some were pretty amazing.  I was lucky enough to "work" at a home where I knew the owners.  Theirs is a formal European style garden.  Amazing!  Here's a couple of photos (mind you all of the photos in this post were taken with my iphone). The next night I got a tour of her lovely home.
I spy me.
Chicken Coop

~ Worked on some projects.
~ Piano lessons (M&B) and gymnastics (A).
~ Broke the back side window out of our van.  (I was trying to do a good deed and take our 8ft tables to a friend's for their yard sale.  As I went around a corner -and I was going slowly- the top table slid and went thru the window.  Bummer.  I was so relieved when we found out that our insurance would cover it.  The company who fixed the window even did a house call.  Nice.  and Phew!)
~ Kiddos played with friends and neighbors.
~ Ate some otter pops and ate some more.

 We had a fun first week of the summer.  Look forward to seeing what next week brings.
What have you been up to this summer?


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