Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Found Family

I met Anita while going to college.  She lived in the apartment below me.  We quickly became close friends and still are today.  She and husband, Drew, moved to California.  Back to their roots.  But we have visited either by phone or in person.  I wish that we lived closer and I think of them often.  Though, no matter the time between conversations, we pick up where we had left off.

Last week while we were talking on the phone Anita said she had some random thing to share.  She has been doing her genealogy and discovered that she had relatives who are active in the church and live in California.  The father was even her Bishop at one time.  She mentioned the girls' name who had contacted her, Jane.  And said a few different things about the family.  The wheels of my mind were spinning out of control.  I asked her a few questions about the people and included some names.  Yes, they are my relatives too.  The girl she talked to is actually my second cousin, once removed - my mother's side.

Wow!  All this time of being friends and to find out we are family.  It's surreal.  It's exciting.  I believe that Jane and Anita are second cousins - from her mother's side.

How exciting for Anita, especially, to find that she has relatives from her dad's side.  They didn't know existed until recently.

Thanks Jane for calling Anita.
And thanks Cousin for sharing that random thing.  Love you!


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