Tuesday, July 13, 2010

June & July 12of12

June was a little busy.  I spaced the 12of12 until the 14th. The photos are from 3 different days.  Random like my mind.

1.  Miss M. playing on a iphone.  Probably Rob's because I think this photo was taken by a sister with my iphone.
2.  Tonya LeMone.  I was helping her put together some flowers for a wedding reception.  She is a professional and I was learning the ropes, or at least some of them.
3.  One of the bouquets.
4.  I miss this place.  (Tonya's backyard) I still go there, but it isn't a simple 2 minute walk anymore.
5.  A stuffed garage from the move.
6.  Random photo with Miss M.
7.  Miss B & M on the deck of the new house.
8.  View from deck by kitchen.
9.  Jenica helping me color my hair.  Going back to natural.  Thanks Jenica!
10.  McKenzie and Perry kiddos glued to a movie.
11. Miss M. holding the bride's bouquet while the bride danced.  At receptions M. is attached to "the princess" as much as I will let her.
12.  Dancing the night away at a wedding reception.

1.  6 eggs for
2.  yummy German Pancakes.  Recipe coming.
3.  My path in the morning.
4.  B. leading the song for morning scriptures.
5.  Waiting for Rob.
6.  My Pearls were thrilled that I let them Each buy a strawberry milk.
7.  Weeding my wee garden.
8.  For FHE we baked some bread and took it to some old neighbors.  Sister Clegg was our next door neighbor.  We love her!  Little I isn't pictured because she ran behind a chair and didn't want to be in the photo.
9.  At Susie's (our old backyard neighbor).  Baby M had just been scared by the sneeze of a baby goat.
10.  B. using Susie's zip-line.
11.  I went to check on the girls - they were supposed to be reading before bed.  And THEY WERE.  A lot of the time they are messing around.  But A&I were reading and B&M were practicing the Articles of Faith.  It made me so happy.
12.  Rob getting ready to watch a movie with me.

To play along go here.


amyfm 13 July, 2010 16:56  

I'm glad you figured it out the template. Sorry I didn't quite understand what you were asking & wasn't in front of my computer.

Jenica is always so generous with her time.

Oh I love german pancakes. I wonder why I never make it.

so cute, the kids working on their articles of faith.

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