Sunday, February 14, 2010

January AND February 12X12 Photolog

I decided to follow Amy's lead and do the 12X12 photolog.  I enjoy taking photos and this will give an opportunity to play around and hopefully better my skills.  It's never too late to join.  And what a fun and great way to document some of your life's happenings each month.
Here Amy has set up the template and directions on how to use it.

So here I go . . .

12 January 2010

  1. 2 youngest playing together after the others went to school.
  2. Apple has become a part of our family lately.  Rob buys and sells Apple stuff.  Luckily he had plenty of computers when my PC died.  And I was glad that we were able to pull off my info. from the hard drive.  Rob said: I have been wanting us to become an Apple family.  He's had a mac or iBook for awhile.  Sad enough, it took my PC dying for me to change.
  3. Little M loves to stand.  She wants to be like her big sisters already.  You can tell that she is itching to walk.
  4. Everlasting Laundry - not an uncommon task around here.  I feel like it takes a week to get it cleaned and put away just in time to start the cycle again.
  5. I mark the boiled eggs.  One day I decided to put some smiley faces and designs on some of the eggs instead of just a line or X.  The girls loved it.  They picked the designer eggs first.  So now I give all of the eggs more character.  My Pirls enjoy marking them too.
  6. A photo frame I made to sell in my shop.
  7. An incentive jar for Miss M to show better behavior at school.
  8. Little M being fed baby food green beans.  She is amazingly messy when it comes to eating.  This photo is in the early stages of the meal.
  9. Little I enjoying a balloon.  She is a character and knows it too.
  10. Miss A as my stand-in during preparation for B's photo shoot.
  11. B. loved the twirl in the baptism dress.
  12. B's final shot for her baptism announcements.  She looked more grown up to me the photos I took.  It is amazing to think that I have a child getting baptized.

    12 February 2010 ~~~  Happy Valentine's Day (well at least it seemed like it).

    1.   My littlest decided to wake up at 6am.  Which would be okay if I had gone to bed at a decent time.
    2. I need more photos of all the girls and tried to fit a quick photo shoot in before school.  As you can see it wasn't that successful.
    3. Couldn't fit all my Pirls into one square  :)
    4. I was in charge of Miss M's class Valentine Party and was making a target hole/heart for the Cupid activity.
    5. iPhone Calendar for today.
    6. Ma Honey had a friend deliver bouquet of flowers to me and candy for the girls.  As you can see on #5 Rob is in Vancouver working at the Olympics - for 2+ more weeks.
    7. I realized that I didn't take many useable photos - so this photo used 2 spaces.  Plus, I love the flowers.
    8. Photo of me that one of the girls took.
    9. Little I and Miss A at Miss A's Valentine's Party.  They LOVED the face painting!
    10. My friend goes over and above anything she does.  I asked her to take care of a nice snack for Miss M's (her daughter is in the class too).  I knew I didn't have to worry about it.  She brought chocolate fondue.  Yum!
    11. Balloons in the classroom.
    12. This photo was a mishap, but I think it shows how the day went - busy.  The girls and I went over to our neighbor's, Sister Clegg (who is 92 yrs old), to watch the Olympic Opening Ceremonies with her.  I meant to take a photo there but forgot.  Unfortunately we didn't get to see the OC because it started at 8pm instead of 6:30pm like we thought.  My baby needed to get to bed.  But it was nice to visit with Sis. Clegg and watch some other stuff with the Olympics.  Although, we were saddened by the tragic luging accident.


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