Monday, February 15, 2010

Fabulous 5 Luncheon

We're the Fabulous 5.  That doesn't mean we are the only fabulous women out there, just 5 of them.

This group began because of comfort and winter.  Yes, a carpool.  Last year we each had a Kindergarten Girl in the morning.  So, it was obvious with 5 to each take a day of the week to do carpool.   Fabulous Emily wasn't on board at first.  But she had to break her leg to join.  Although, we really would have let her change her mind and join us without breaking her leg. 

So this year since we weren't doing the car pool thing (Well, at least Tresa and I weren't.  The others are carpooling for their preschoolers)  Fabulous Tresa decided we needed to get together each month.  Food is good at bringing people together.  So now we are rotating hosting a luncheon once a month.

Fabulous Susan started us off.  It was delicious and fun.  One of the main things we shared was how each met their husbands and their engagement.

It's great to take a break from the norm and gather around food and Fabulous people.
Thanks Tresa for putting together!
And thank you Susan for a wonderful February Lunch!


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