Thursday, February 4, 2010

Just Like Ga

Well, at least I hope. My maternal grandmother had beautiful, long white hair. Most people didn't know it though because she wore it up under a wig. I remember the first time I saw her hair down. I was in awe.  I found my first grey (white looking) hair today and even another. So - they are only an inch long. A lot of woman my age want to hide the "grey." But it's coming, so bring it on. I have never become accustomed to my brown hair. So it has been highlighted at times. If my hair becomes white then I won't need to lighten it.  :)
(Maybe I like lighter hair because it reminds me of summer time.)


Maggie & Grant 05 February, 2010 17:35  

Go shelly! I've never died my hair so I don't think I would start at the same time Karina starts dying her's, just bring it on.(but you never know, maybe I'll go blonde when I turn 40. ha!ha! j/k)

Rebecca 06 February, 2010 20:46  

Good for u. I had gray hair in college. When I was first married my husband would pull them out for me. Now there r too many. I would be so gray now but instead I keep my hairdressers family fed! I go every 5 weeks!!

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