Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Birthday 41

Oh yeah.  Another year ~ wiser?  Yes, I think so this year.  I think I've grown a bit mentally, spiritually, physically, emotionally from 40-41. 

For My Bday:
~ A cake was decorated beautifully and Happy Birthday sung to me (and a staff member) at my friend's children's school.
~ Breakfast in bed: waffles with raspberries and powdered sugar, with a glass of milk on the side.
~ Birthday love and creations from My Pearls!
 A phone call from Bro. Dougherty wishing me Happy Bday and not to make a cake: Sister Dougherty was making me one.
Brother and Sister Dougherty dropping off the famous chocolate cake, large tub of ice cream and a beautiful card.  YUM!
~ Many FB birthday wishes.
~ Phone calls from brothers.
~ Night out with Rob and a
~ HUGE banana split.
~ Jennifer Nebeker babysat.  We all miss her so much away at school!  It is great how she loves the girls AND cleans up.
~ Lunch and chatting with Uni.

Thanks to all who helped make it a great way to start 41!


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