Thursday, April 12, 2012

12of12 April 2012

Wow! April! This year is flying by.
  1.  I am really taking advantage of Spring Break.  My wake up time.  It has happened 2x this week - sleeping in this late. And I don't even like to sleep in.  But for some reason this week it has been nice.
2.  Found my hubs doing the dishes in the morning.   A nice surprise! Especially since I neglected the dishes for a day or so.  (My excuse for yesterday is because we were gone all day).  :)  And Rob made the comment after noticing I took the photo: "At least I know what day it is of the month."  The 12of12 is good for more then just photos and family history. ;)
3.  Miss M practicing guitar.  She is better than she think she is.
4.  Endurance.  That's what I am trying to do, and not just on the treadmill.
5.  Some of My Pearls coloring.  There are a few more requested photos at the bottom of this post.
6.  Posted our foosball table for sale.  Little by little we are selling off our stuff in preparation for our travels.  Only 1 1/2 months away.
7.  The dvd player decided to be finicky while the girls were watching a movie and so they came up to watch it on the computer.
8.  Ice cream cones.
9.  Pot Pie for supper.  I haven't made one in a long time.  It turned out well.
10. Playing UNO.  This is a great game for all members of our family to play.  Even Baby can play with us.
11.  Centaur. Could you guess that they have watched The Lightening Thief movie recently?
12.  Little I the "cooker chef" serving her creation.

Little I's cut outs of The Resurrection.
 The Large paper is the tomb.
There is a stone in front of it with 2 soldiers standing in front of that.
In the sky is an angel by 2 clouds.
 Miss B
The birth of Christ
 The flip side.


Laura 13 April, 2012 10:11  

What a dream to sleep in until 9:30. Hooray for spring break

kylee 14 April, 2012 12:03  

april really is flying by! i cannnnot belive it! it will be may before we know it! i always watch movies on my computer. mostly so i can watch them in bed.

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