Tuesday, January 10, 2012

B is 10

Wow!  My oldest is now 10 years old.  Babe is growing into such a wonderful young lady.  I am so grateful for B and her many strengths.  Miss B has so much good about her.  

She LOVES to read! Like me, she finds it hard to stop when she picks up a new book.

Favorite color is still blue.

Loves horses.  Always has.

I love her thirst for knowledge.  She is our facts kid.  Always has been.  Even when she was real little, 2, she could give an adult directions to somewhere. If Rob or I forget someone's name or want to know about someone or where they live, ask B, she'll know.

She is a people person.

She is a great example to those around here.
  Miss B is a great big sister.

We Love You Babe!
Happy 10th Birthday!


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