Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Father's Lessons

It was 9 years ago on August 24 that my Dad passed away.  Today is his birthday.  He would be 70.  I miss him dearly.  He was a great example to me.  Some things I learned from him:

~ Always serve those around you - if you know them or not.

~ When we stayed at a friend's house at Black Butte my dad repaired some flooring that was peeling up. I asked why he was doing that (since it was peeling before we got there). He said you should always leave things better than how you found it. He showed this by example over and over.

~ Be kind to others. Dad was outgoing and friendly to all. He would go out of his way to greet people at church who seemed to be new, visiting or alone. He would regularly visit some elderly friends to make sure they were doing well.


~ Enjoy life. Dad enjoyed playing. We enjoyed many rafting, camping and traveling trips.  He also enjoyed teasing.  He was a big kid at times.

~ Be honest in all your dealings.  Be a person of your word.

~ Work hard. Dad worked had to support our family. For many years he ran the Pie Crew at our restaurant "Plush Pippin." Those who were a part of that Crew I'm sure remember many songs sang, pie crust thrown, wet clothes, experimental pie flavors and more.

~ Give 110%. Not only in work but in everything you do.

~ Be a part of your children's lives.

~ Write personal notes to others, let them know what you admire in them.

 The video was made by my husband, Robert, when my Dad passed away.

 A Tie Salute
at Dad's funeral.
He had a fun collection of ties that were worn here by his sons, son-in-law and nephews.


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