Thursday, January 12, 2012

12of12 January 2012

Wow! Beginning of another year of 12of12.  I love it!
Today was a busy, but fun day.
1.  I finished reading "Among the Imposters" at 1am.  I hadn't gone to bed yet from Wednesday, but it was technically the 12th.  So photo worthy.  My 8 year old wanted me to read books 1 & 2.  They read the first book in her class.  I liked them both.  I got home from book club Wed. night a little after 10pm.  I should've gone to bed, but decided to read "only a couple of chapters."  I read the entire book.  Today my daughter, Miss M, told me there are more to the series.

2.  So because of #1 (aka lack of sleep, stupidity or whatever you want to call it) I woke with a sore throat.

3. Daily sweeping.

4.  My 2 youngest brought me a bunch of snowflakes and the scissors.  The snowflakes were supposed to be hanging on a couple of small trees I still have out.  I guess they thought it was time for those to be put away too so they snipped all the strings.  Not a big deal (phew).

5.  Song and Movement Class.  It is a lot of fun.

6.  Miss Debbie are Song and Movement Class teacher.  Love her!

7.  Banner making.

8.  Miss A went to a different ballet class today to make up one she had missed.  A friend ended up being in her class.  (I wanted to take a better photo but was busy talking to the mom of the said friend).

9.  Belated birthday present for a friend.

10. Miss M in her first day of Creative Dance at our community center.

11. Potstickers. We love them, especially My Pearls.

12. A pro snowboarder already.  Baby helping Miss B get ready for her first day of snowboarding school.  It's a program set up with other kids at her school.  She gets to miss school and go.  And I get to go too!  I will snowboard while she is in class and then with her after class.  Woohoo!  I am very excited!  I haven't gone in years.  I also hope I don't kill myself.


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