Monday, September 5, 2011

Little I is 4!

Little I has been so excited to turn 4.  She was counting down the days.  And today she wanted to celebrate her birthday ALL DAY.  And why not?  It's your birthDAY.  Even tonight as I was putting her to bed: Mom, I want to it to be my birthday all day.

I love me Little I!  She has such a sweetness about her.  Even though it was her birthday and she wanted to celebrate it all day, she wanted to make sure others were getting what they wanted.  She chose chocolate cake frosting because she knows her dad is a chocoholic.  She chose black olives as a pizza topping because her sisters like them.  She wanted to let Miss M blow out 1/2 her candles because she knew Miss M wanted to.  Many times over throughout the day she wanted to make sure others were happy on her birthday too.

She is such a cutie and hard not to do everything for her she wants (got to have some balance when she has 4 siblings). She wanted a dolphin party.  So we were going to go to the community pool to play as a family (it was also Labor Day today).  But the weather wasn't the warmest and so her next choice was to go to a museum to touch live snakes.  We have done this before.  We ended up going to the zoo, which was a lot of fun.  We saw a great bird show and then a reptile show.  She got to touch a bunny and lizard.  We also rode the carousel.  She chose the buffalo.  Why? don't know.  She was just so excited to ride the buffalo.

 The Bird Show was a lot of fun.
This Sea Eagle was cool to watch.

Always Love the Bald Eagle and the freedom they stand for.
 Little I was drawn to the Carousel and so for the bday girl:
 She had picked out the buffalo to ride while waiting in line.  She was so excited to ride The Buffalo.
  Miss B really getting into the rhino "ride."
 Monkey Close-up
Another animal show.  This was a must because Little I had wanted to go to another museum and pet a snake.  Petting a lizard and rabbit was enjoyed instead.
Not sure what she is doing, but I wanted to show a photo of the lizard.
Her dinner choice: mini pizzas.  We ran out of time because of going to the zoo and so ended up buying a couple pizzas.  That worked.  I didn't have time to make the breadsticks and so will have to continue the party tomorrow with breadsticks.  ;) {update: we made breadsticks. Yum!}
 Little I was so gentle with her blows.  She blew 1 candle out at a time.
{Four wishes right?}
We had blue cake and ice cream.  Blue cake for a dolphin party (had to have the chocolate icing for Dadeo remember).
Then opened the presents.  O' man she ended up getting a lot of presents. The Highlight Present: A New Doll.

 Love My Little I!
I asked her to show her teeth with her smile.


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