Tuesday, September 13, 2011

12of12 September 2011

Wow! September!  
Besides school,
the crisp cool air
lets you know
Fall is coming.
1. Part of my morning run "tunes."
2. Eww might be what you thought.  But it is acutally a dry diaper.  Many mornings Baby has been dry.  This is a good sign that she is ready to potty train, right?  I wish.  I guess agency really comes into play with toilet training . . . and she is choosing not to.
3. The morning wake up.  Slow.
4. Gum to help Miss M stop sucking her thumb.
5. Waiting for the car pool in the morning.
6. Afternoon Dancing.
7. Which turned into Afternoon jumping. (I skipped out on that part).
8. Making Zucchini Bread.
9. Finished up some onesies for my SIL.
10. Green Pepper Prep for dinner and some into the freezer.
11. Miss A at Ballet.  Today was her 2nd day.
12. City Wide Emergency Drill.  I am Assistant Block Captain and filled in for the Captain this time.  At 6pm we honked horns and sirens and met at designated places.  We then take note of who is there and who is not there, if we know where the absent people are or not.  Send that info onto the next level.  When the information reaches the city level, the authorities there have mock drills to execute so they can see what they need to improve on or not.  The photo is most of our group.  Some had to leave right after meeting.  I am grateful that our city does this to prepare for a real disaster.


kylee 13 September, 2011 18:58  

conference talks you can listen to?! is that an app? if so i beg you to tell me which one! just the other night i was thinking to myself how great it would be if i could listen to the conference talks on my iphone. oh ballet class! how fun! i miss the days of going to ballet class.

Shelley 13 September, 2011 21:04  

Kylee it is the Mormon Channel app. You can listen/watch archived audio and video. Also listen to live audio stream. I love it.

kylee 13 September, 2011 21:22  

oh my goodness! so excited! thank you so much for telling me about it!

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