Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Summer Fun Week 9

Whoowee!  The summer is flying by.  We only have a couple of weeks left before school begins and so we are trying to pack it full of fun.  Miss B is very excited for school.  She repeatedly says that she will be glad when school starts and summer is over so that she can learn more math and other stuff.  She is are facts kiddo and huge bookworm.  She never can get in enough info.  I love it her love for learning and desire to soak everything up.  I know all of her sisters don't feel that way.  And that's okay.  I am excited for them to start their new adventure at their new school, but am also sad to see the summer days slipping away.  I enjoy playing with My Pearls.

~ The older 4 began swim lessons this week.  They go every day and love it.
Little I 2nd from left
Miss A with her teacher

Miss M, the one waving the board - ball o'energy
Miss B
Little I leading the class in red light, green light
Baby watching her sisters.  This has been difficult for her not to be able to go in the water!
~ Concert at the Park
w/ Sam Payne and Cherie Call

For some reason she HAD to have her hands in the photo.

~ Splash Pad and Playground
We have gone to this park before and love it.


~Summer Reading can't truly be Summer Reading unless you are in your swimsuit  :) 

~ We played twice this week at the Community Pool.  Tuesday just My Pearls and I went.  Then Friday we had a church party there.

~ Per usual Baby is sporting the soft, fuzzy hat (even when it is above 90 degrees).
~ Baby Hoop Dancing.  I didn't catch her when she was really going at it.  She has seen Native American Hoop Dancing a number of times before.

~ Miss M & B helping our neighbor weed.

~ Helado!
~ Picnic at the park.  Baby is not drinking but actually blowing the container up so she can blow the air at me. . .
like Miss A is doing
 Horses are a favorite!
 Miss B found this balloon floating through the park.

~ A trip to the Bean Museum. (Miss B wished that we could have stayed there ALL day).
 M & B helping hold a snake skin.
Holding a Real constrictor snake.  Miss M jumped at the chance to be the first.
 Our hike this week was around BYU campus 
from the Museum, 
through the "river"
 over the hills
 to the candy shop.
Trading going on below.
This art piece on display was pretty cool.  But after reading the story behind the piece it became very sad.  The girl's mother had taken Nyquil every day and it ended up destroying her brain.  This piece told about the different levels of her mother's state and her life before.  An amazing piece of art.
 Hiking up the long set of stairs.
 I love how Baby's legs are crossed and thumb in mouth sleeping.
~ Playing in the Rain
I hope you had a Great week too!


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