Saturday, August 13, 2011

12of12 August 2011

August.  AUGUST. And already the 12th.  Oh, my goodness.  The summer is almost over.

I am especially grateful for the 12of12 this month because most of the 12th did not seem too exciting and it helped me to appreciate what did go on.
1.  Morning run.  My friend met up with me at the end (she was coming home from her run too).  It was a nice morning chat. If you are wondering why we don't run together, it is because she runs 1/2 marathons and I don't.
2.  I've been waiting for this set of Day Lily's to open.  I was wondering what color it would be.
3.  We got a bunch of Kneader's bread from some friends.  Diane (the wife) broke her leg hiking in Colorado about a month ago.  She had slipped because it was muddy.  She did a good job and broke her leg in a few places and her foot.  My Pearls made her cards and we chatted with them for a bit, which was nice.  We took the rest of the bread they had so we could deliver it to others.  So we went by Sister Clegg's.  The kiddos went out back to play and ended up in our old yard (next door).  Some people had moved into our old house this week.  So when I went to collect My Pearls the wife, Amy, took me on a tour around the house.  The people who bought it from us did a lot to it and I had been wanting to see it.  They only lived there a year.  They had to move because of changing jobs and moving out of state.  Anyway, the house looked nice.  They changed the office into a sitting room (no wall or door) and  the back splash and counters in the kitchen were grey and made the kitchen seem a lot smaller. Other than those 2 changes I liked what they did.  Extensive explanation for #3, but I am writing it for myself I guess.
4.  While in the back yard of our old house, Bro. Ball (the other side next door neighbor) was in his garden and gave Amy and me each a bag of vegetables.  I love the huge Walla Walla onions.  Yum!  They are each a little bigger than a softball.
5.  Experimenting with a ink to wood transfer.  It worked pretty well.
6.  My Pearls were supposed to be cleaning up the downstairs.  They made a bigger mess. Ugh!  It even got worse after I took the photo.  Do your children ever do this?
7.  Mums coming = Fall coming.
8.  Cleaned out the garage today.
9.  I went to Hobby Lobby to buy a cabinet knob for a project.  I meant to take a photo of all their knobs, but forgot.  They have quite a fun variety.  Though, I ended up getting the plain glass and some unfinished wood ones because those fit best with my projects.  

My husband had my camera today and so I kept forgetting to take photos.  Some of the photos were after thoughts.  All the photos for today were done with my iPhone.

10. The beginning of getting school supplies.  I can't believe school is around the corner.  Some of my girls have assessments next week.  Then they start the next Monday at their new school.  Summer has flown by.
11. Miss M has been wanting me to read Number The Stars for awhile.  Her teacher read it to her class last year and she really liked it.  It is about the Danish during WWII.  So I stayed up until around 12am to read it.  I am glad that I read it.  I hadn't heard about the Danes story during the war.
12. I was hungry and wanted a snack and so Popcorn it was.


kylee 13 August, 2011 15:04  

seriously though, i can't believe it's august already. kudos to you for doing the very thing i tell myself i will every day but never do. running. someday i will. i remember way back when reading number the stars. i think i liked it as well.

Anonymous,  13 August, 2011 18:14  

Looks like you had a very busy day! A lot packed in. Good for you :)

Megan 13 August, 2011 22:13  

Your photos are great! Especially with a phone. (I think it's time for me to get an upgrade. Lol!)

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