Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day of School

~ Miss M had to sleep in her clothes.  She wanted to make sure that she was up and ready in time to go to school.  This year they start earlier, 8:30am.  They get out early on Fridays, of which I'm happy about.
Miss B ~ 4th Grade
Miss M ~ 3rd Grade
 Miss A ~ 1st Grade
M & B have been planning on wearing their matching shirts for a long time.  So I let them even though it wasn't the nicest looking.  I can't believe I let them go with their hair only combed too.  I wanted them to have a Great first day and so didn't care to make the morning "getting ready" stuff a big deal.
 In front of their new school.
 Miss Rachel and Miss Nessa
 Miss Melissa and Miss Carolyn
 Miss Sandi and Miss Renee
 Baby looking for Miss M while she was gone.  She kept thinking she was in the van.

This photo is for Little Mr. R.  
These clouds were really soft looking. The photo doesn't do them justice.  Made me want to fall into them and relax.

After 1st day of school celebration with ice cream.
YEAH! for a GREAT First Day!


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