Monday, August 22, 2011

Summer Fun Week 11

It's over.  No more wishing we did this or that.  What's done is done...and we LOVED IT!
We had a great summer and now look forward the fun of Fall.

~ Missed photo.  I snapped the shot just as they moved.  Darn.  They were sleeping and Little I had her hand resting on Miss A's face.  Her fingers were in one of A's eyes.  And then Miss A had her arm over I's leg.  It was comical.

~ Went to Miss B, M and A's new school.  A couple of them had assessments.  They are so excited.  Me as well.  One excitement for me is that I can go on the field trips.  Before I couldn't because I had the other little ones.  But now they can come along.  The teachers are loving that I have a 12 passenger van.  They all will take about 2 field trips each month.  Miss M even starts her first week off with one and I'm going too :0)

~ I got to hang out with Noah for 4 hours.  I was a volunteer at Thanksgiving Point in the Children's Garden. 
~ Some wonderful evenings eating on the patio and then "swimming."
 This bee was really enjoying this piece of pork.

~ Hot tubbin'.  I tried to get a group photo...
 ~ Splash Pad 'n' Park with a neighbor group.  The last meet up of the summer and will finally met up.
~ Musical Concert
(I'm having trouble uploading the concert videos, so you'll just get to savor the first one).

~ Master Gardener Class: Temple Square Tour (of the gardens)
Tree at the Lion House.  Brigham Young had this planted when they first built the home.
~ While I was at Temple Square, Rob to My Pearls to their school's Back to School BBQ.

~ Piano lessons.

~ Fun at Provo River Resort
 ~ Dentist appointments.  (always so fun)

~ Getting excited and ready for school.

~ Stake Conference this weekend.  We got a new Stake Presidency.  The old and the new presidencies overall are very contrasting in character (even w/ one of the previous counselors becoming the new President).  It will be interesting to see the changes. 


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