Sunday, August 14, 2011

Summer Fun Week 10

~ The week started off GREAT for me on Sunday at the Family History Center.  The ladies volunteering there helped me find some information on my family.  Then later that night I found a ton more.  Yeah!!!  Cheers here and hopefully on the other side.

~ Love the banner they made from plastic leis.  I love how they use their beds too.

~ This week is "City Days"
I happened to be looking in the event schedule book and saw they had free swim from 3-6pm Monday.  It was then Monday, 1:30pm.  Sweet!  We hadn't missed it and so took advantage.

~ Went to the car show.  I took a photo of this old hearse but my finger covered up the car.  oops.
There were a ton of cool cars.
I asked Miss A if she would like this pink one.
Her reply:
No.  I wouldn't want other people to feel bad because I was in this nice fancy car.
Is she in pain?
Nope, just singing.
~ Added  music sheets for drawer liners on TWEET
~ My Pearls and I went to a concert in the park for our City Days.  The Horse Show was going on at the same time so we of course had to go over to it.  By the time I got over to the arena, My Pearls were already getting riders to let them ride their horses in the parking lot.  (I only got photos of a couple of them though).
Little I
Miss M
 Playing at the park. Miss B and Baby.
~ Wedding reception.  It was in the backyard of some people we know (friends of the wedding party too, but not related).  The yard has a huge playset (seen below), trampoline in the ground, big grass area to play in w/ rolling hills too, a tree house in a Huge tree and
 a sandbox with real live toys.  The seadoo was made to rock from side to side.
 ~ Crazy morning hair!

~ August 12of12
~ Swim lessons.  Baby inching to the water.
~ Piano lessons and Gymnastics
~ Miss B doing research.  She made a goal to study and do research until school starts.  She can't wait for school to start.
 ~ Influencing Sister.

 ~ Playing with friends. 
Little I and her friend were playing "Dishwasher."  Little I was a plate.  :)

Only 1 more week of Summer Fun left before school starts.  Oh My!  It's been a fun summer and I'm sad to see it end.


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