Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer Fun Week 5

To start off the week Jennifer came by for a visit.  Jennifer is our best babysitter and will be going into her 3rd year of college.  We try and get her to babysit when she is around because the kids love her so.  It was nice to have her for a visit and eat and play with us. (Baby was napping)
 Hanging out with Grandma Havenar
 Playing with the neighbor kids (yah, so they are college neighbor kids.  It is funny because My Pearls will go over and ask if they can play).  I like Kyle's pitching skills while being a tunnel for Little I.
 Little I jumping up to show me her birdhouse.  She is so proud of it.
 A little tumbling action.  I think in this photo it was a combo of skill and accident.
 The weekly "Show."
 4th of July Fun
We once again rose early (5:45am) to see the air balloons.  Below you see the traditional spread of donuts, mini muffins and milk.
 Mmm! powdered donuts!
 We sat close to one balloon.  We even had to move while it was being filled.
 On the ground air balloon ride ;)
 Cool Cat.
The weather was not favorable for the balloons so they could not fly.  I was amazed with how many were filled just for show on the ground.  
After being there for a little bit a wind blew in fast.  Below you can see the balloons being blown over.  The crews were trying to get their balloons down as fast as possible.  Rob ran over to the one next to us to try and help pull it down.  It was becoming a sail and heading toward a tree.
 A Father and Son juggling duo in the crowd put on a show.  The kid was really amazing!  They were both fun to watch.  They even did a few acts together.
We chatted with the Life Flight crew.  We hope to never fly in that helicopter.
 Enjoying the parade.
 Cooling off with some ice cream.
 Enjoying a Patriotic Fair
 Miss M took a few photos while carrying the camera.
 We watched a Patriotic play done by youth.  They did a great job!
Tuckered Out!  All of the girls fell asleep, except for Miss M (she had a short nap on the way home) when we got home.
 Fireworks with the neighbors.
You see the chair Rob is sitting in above?  Our neighbor's daughter's husband's step-dad (did you follow that) put it together and rides it around town when possible.  It is a chair secured to a long board.  He will ride it to a store and then his wife will pick him up.  Watch the videos if you want to witness it in action:
the 1st one is with Rob and Miss M. 
the 2nd is the step-dad
Our neighbors had some really fun fireworks, and more, for the kids to enjoy.  Streamers. Parachute flyers.  Glow sticks.  Candy. Cookies.  Then we had home made ice cream.  They treat us well!
Chasing down the streamers shot from the fireworks.
 "The Lighter"
Glow stick fun.  Miss M was inside opening one and she asked what was on me.  I looked down and the glow stick and splattered on me.   And the wall.  And floor.  Miss M put it back on the counter, but I told her to take it outside and have fun with it.  Oh boy, did she!  She even began cutting up other glow sticks when hers ran out.  Safe?  I figured as long as they didn't stick it in their mouths.
We had a great 4th.  And I am deeply grateful for the freedoms we have and the freedom to celebrate it!
What 4th of July traditions do you do?

 ~Other fun things we did this week ~
We all scream for ice cream.
 My Pearls To Go.
This week's hike.  It was the steepest one so far and so felt a lot longer even though we went a shorter distance.

A requested photo
 Smelling the flowers.
 A break before heading back down.  No water to play in.  The river ran too far down the cliff.
 A little work and a lot of play.
 Hot Tubbing.  Hey, what's that skateboard doing in there?
Jeepin'.  We got this jeep from a neighbor at our last house.  We took "the motor" out and the girls would just push each other around.  Now that we have a hill they get a faster ride...and love it!  Miss M is saying at the end that the jeep usually doesn't crash (like the jeep did it).  I explained to her that she didn't turn the wheels early enough.  She said she was going to fast and forgot.  :)
 "River" and Splash Pad Park
I am glad that I set a goal to do a weekly hike and water venue over the summer.  I was feeling very overwhelmed (and still am) with a lot of things going on.  But I am glad that we went.  It was great to get out and enjoy nature and play.

What did you do to play this week?


Heather 11 July, 2011 18:49  

these pictures are so fun, and so full of happiness! They make me wish my family was a bit closer!!

-Heather from

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