Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summer Fun Week 4

A Visit to the Mitchells in Aztec, New Mexico.

Car Ride Silliness!
Lunch Break at our favorite Moab Park.  They even had new instruments since the last year when we were there.

In New Mexico
Little I's new pal.  J and Little I. hung out a lot during the week.
Trampoline Fun
Hike around their property. (They have 30 acres.  How fun is that? I'll tell you.  A LOT of Fun!)
Their Riverside Beach
Walking the drive.
 Bunk House
 Hanging out in the Bunk House
 Horse Riding.  My Pearls loved it!
Riverside Campfire

 Mmmm S'Mores
Community Swimming Pool.  Towards the end a huge wind storm come up.  The wind brought with it sand.  We were planning on leaving and that sped up the process!
 Night time reading with Paul by flashlight. We had a power outage from the wind storm.
Fun and Games
We heard Christine and 3 of her girls all of who play really well.
 A visit to the Aztec Ruins.  We really enjoyed it.  The guide to special interest in our family and showed us more after the tour.  Miss B was really into it because she has studied quite a bit on different Native American tribes.  That influenced her sisters' interests.
 Miss A lost another tooth.
 Coloring with J.
Swimming down the overly refreshing (aka freezing-believe me, I know.  I went down it too. It's amazing how children don't seem to mind as much) canal.
Miss A's escort.
Eating at A&W
Thanks Paul and Christine and Kiddos for making it a Great week.  We had tons of fun (dispite the fact that my family took turns being sick, except for Rob.  Sorry Paul, but glad that it didn't keep going). Thanks for putting up with us.  
We love yous!

We enjoyed lunch on the way home sitting across from the Monticello Temple.  Pretty amazing how small it is.  It was neat to see.
On the way home scenery.  I saw a lot of rock formation that were pretty amazing.
We returned home Friday evening in time for me to get things ready for Miss M's baptism Saturday morning.
Miss M has such an amazing spirit.
 Afterwards we had a luncheon.  Little I was sneaking into the cake.  She would dip her fingers in it and then hide under the counter to eat it.


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