Sunday, July 3, 2011

Summer Fun Week 3

This post is a week late because we left towards the end of it.  Here are our exciting events for the week:

~ Basketball Camp
~ Piano Lessons
~ Gymnastics
~ Little I went to a birthday party which seemed really fun.  They had the Bean Museum come and they brought a live snake, lizard and turtle and some other stuff for the children to enjoy.
~ Photo shoot for Miss M's baptism invite.  She loved it and it was fun taking photos of her.
Part of the time my other 4 Pearls played at the park.  Then we joined them and even got some water fun in.
  My Pearls love books - they kind of took over looking at this girl's book who was also at the park.
 Baby wanted to cross the stream like Miss M.
 She was helped along the way.
Clapped her hands and shouted "I did it!  I did it!" on the other side.  It was so cute.
~ Royce, a friend of Rob's, stayed with us until Sunday and then he and his wife stayed a night while we were away.
~ Sprinkler Fun
~ Master Gardener picnic up in the mountains.
My Pearls really loved beating up the corn on the cob pinata (made by the guy on the right)
 ~ Bought a sucker fish.  The fish tank was getting gross.  Okay, it was passed gross.  We had been meaning to buy a algae eater for awhile and finally did.  They are amazing! Right away it went to town.  The tank is spotless now.  Way to go Sucker!
~ Neighborhood yard sale Saturday morning
Miss M's "booth."  She made $10-$15.  Our little entrepreneur.

~ We left for New Mexico to visit the Mitchells right after the yard sale. (More on that on Summer Fun Week 4)
~ We didn't get in a real hike for the week, but played a lot :)


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