Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Miss A is 6!

Miss A turned 6 yesterday (May 24).  She has had some enjoyable celebrations! It began Sunday when we had a family party with dinner, cake and presents.  Her menu choice:  homemade pizza and breadsticks.  She is pictured here with her first gift-a paper made apron by M.
For cake she chose: yellow with cream cheese frosting topped with blueberries a la mode.  It was good!

I love her expression!  I made her a skirt and matching clothes for a doll.  The doll was in a different gift.  Her expression is from seeing the doll clothes.  She stood and said "is their a doll?"  She then opened the largest gift which contained a doll.  M and B were so excited too!  B was hilarious. (see the video below) They were so excited for A to get the doll so that they could all play together.

Sleeping bag and pillow for Katelyn (her doll).
A VERY happy birthday girl!
The next celebration came on her birthday.  She took donuts to school to share and had a great day.  Then went with Rob and I to the U2 concert.  You can read about her older sisters going last year here.  She was very excited.  Our seats began here (3 rows from the top):
But in between The Fray (the opening band) playing and U2, are seats moved to here:

I think it is time for A. to get her bangs trimmed.
It was GREAT!  Front row seats on the side.
Rob couldn't stand that we had seats so high.  We had seen a huge empty section from our sky high seats and wondered why no one was sitting there.  Rob went down to check it out and also see if he could find us better seats.  He ended up sitting in the section.  No one, but 2 people were sitting there.  Rob asked the floor usher what was up and he didn't know why there wasn't anyone sitting there.  So Rob called us down.  Shortly thereafter the section began to fill up with others who also didn't have tickets for those seats.  An different usher started asking people (on the other side of the section) to leave because those weren't there seats.  A couple of policemen came to usher people out of the seats too.  People were asking why they couldn't sit there if no one else was.  Finally after about a 1/3 of the section questioning it the police said everyone could stay and called the others back.  (This all happened within minutes).  SCORE!  We were so excited to be able to stay there.
Miss A enjoying the concert.  What a cutie!  It was a little chilly, but not bad at all.  A. just gets cold easily.  No clouds in the sky (which was good because it had been raining hard for the past 4 days, even earlier that day).

I only had my iphone to take photos.  The photos don't do our experience justice.
Larry on bango drum

May 24th is also Bob Dylan's birthday, he turned 70.  Bono made a comment about it and then U2 and the audience sang "happy birthday."  Well, Miss A didn't catch the part about it being Bob's birthday also, so she believes (and I helped the belief) that everyone was singing to her.  How cool is that! to have everyone at a rock concert sing happy birthday to you!  ;)

It was very fun!  Miss A had a wonderful few days celebrating her 6th bday.
It is amazing how fast she is growing up.  All my kiddos actually.
Miss A enjoys:
coloring, with all colors
playing with her sisters and friends
playing dress up
she is still good at getting others to do things for her
her blue boots
(now) playing with her doll Katelyn


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