Wednesday, October 28, 2009

U2 Las Vegas

We made it! Second try unfortunately. We were supposed to go to the Dallas, Texas concert with my bro. Dave and his son S., but Little I. got sick on the way and we only made it to Grandma's. It would have been so fun to go with them, but I am glad that Leigh got to go instead!

B & M were so excited to go to the U2 concert! You can see the spire of the stage (Space Station) above M's head in the background. We all had a great time!

B & M waiting to get picked up by my friend Maria & her boyfriend John. We went and ate dinner and then they dropped us back off before the concert started.

John & Maria. It was great to see Maria. Although we've talked over the phone, I haven't seen her for about 7 years. You are wonderful Maria!

At the concert.

Good Times! It was funny because when we were showing Miss A the pics. M had me go back to this picture. "Look A we got to drink lemonade!" It is funny to know the highlights of the night. A guy down the row from us was blowing up huge balloons for people to hit around. B got to hit one and M missed it so she was bummed. The funny guy behind us (read more about him below) made sure that M got an opportunity to hit another balloon. He was great. That pretty much made M's night and the concert hadn't even started yet.

Space Station in the background. We were a little far away, but it was still good. And the people around us were great. Especially with B & M there. B, M & I were going to our seats a guy yelled to me "You are doing a great thing!" (meaning bringing my young ones to the concert). I thought so and they loved it. We had several others make fun & positive remarks about it too. A guy behind us was very funny! He and B. exchanged a couple of jokes. If you see B. you need to ask about the joke of the fisherman with one arm. He brought his wife and kids and some of their kids. The youngest granddaughter being 3 years. The grandkids and their parents were in the next isle though.

B singing along.

Rhythm! The guy mentioned above is standing in the black shirt to the right. Wish I took a pic. of him.

The Space Station stage was amazing!

Taking a little snoozer. This wasn't for long.

It was nice that the girls could sit down when they wanted. We were in a mellower section. Some people in front of us sat most of the concert. Crazy!

Darn. I wanted to put on a video clip of B singing Elevation but it turns out too dark. When singing the song around the house she usually sings "exclamation" instead of "excavation." We've told her the correct word but she insists that it is exclamation. At the concert she sang the correct word. (:
And a BIG THANKS to Helena and Brett for watching the 3 other little ones while the rest of the family enjoyed the concert! It was my first time leaving my baby for such a long period of time (of which I really never do until they are around 1 year). Thanks for taking good care of the kiddos! Little I. did get to enjoy the Pasadena concert via YouTube even though it was way past her bed time.


jenica 28 October, 2009 21:45  

looks like you had a great time. i remember going to the circus when i was about 5 and while i remember the clowns, i remember sitting next to a little girl and sharing her program more than any other event. lemonade would have totally been one of my kids favorite remembrances. ;-D

Derek White 28 October, 2009 22:57  

Way cool that you brought your kids to U2. We've taken all our kids to see James Taylor and we had a ball. Cool blog!

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