Saturday, May 14, 2011

Baby is 2!

I can remember clearly Baby's birth.  I don't believe rushing to the hospital and having her within 5 minutes of arriving at the hospital will be easy to forget.  It is amazing to think that my baby is already 2.  She is quite the character and we all love her!  I, boy, she is looking a lot taller to me lately.
 This year the burning candles were held at a distance.  Last year she grabbed one of the candles while burning and we didn't want to take any chances of that happening again.
The cake (peach cobbler) was still a bit warm and melting the candles.  Hence the leaning candles.
Baby currently loves...
to be outside
play with her sisters and neighbors
hold fuzz and suck her thumb
give hugs and kisses
make you laugh
be silly
take a daily nap (she goes right to sleep and sometimes even asks to go take a nap)
draw or color
drink moovies (smoothies)


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