Friday, May 13, 2011

12 of 12 May 2011

A great day with the sunshine!

1.  Miss A LOVES her blue rain boots.  She even wears them on sunny days.
2.  Older Pearls being dropped off at school.  (See the weather confusing outfits: boots, coats, Shorts)  I miss living closer to the school so that my girls could go to and from school on their own.  Hopefully some day again we will live close to their school.
3.  Watching a neighbor's boys while she runs.
4.  One of my home made LARA bars.  I have enjoyed them.
5.  Planting some of my seed starts.  These are Zinnia flowers.
6.  The Friend and Ensign came today.  My children devour The Friend when it comes.  That makes me happy.
7.  Beater lawn mower.  We need a new one!  I couldn't get it to start and asked a neighbor to try to start it.  He couldn't start it either.  I wanted my husband to mow the lawn Saturday but couldn't with his broken finger excuse.  (It was a legitimate excuse.  He broke a pinkie in a motorcycle accident on the freeway.  He was very lucky to have only broken the finger and received a few scrapes on his arm!)
8.  Found the egg (a robin's egg is my guess) in the grass while weeding.  (Weeding because I couldn't mow :P).  I was sad to find it.  Such a beautiful little egg.  It was odd because it was not by any tree or bush, just out in the middle of grass.  I couldn't find a nest nearby.  Except we know there is one in the vent of our neighbor's house.  Sad to think this one will not hatch.  Nature happens, yes, but still sad.
9.  My Aunt Nancy's birthday today, so I called her.  My dad has 2 sisters and I love them so much.  In 2000 I was able to visit with them for 3 weeks (pre marriage life) to do family history.  They both live in Illinois.  I had such a wonderful time with them.
10.  Fuzz.  Baby is obsessed with fuzz. She picks the underside of her car seat so she can have fuzz to hold.  She not only loves fuzz, but anything fuzzy.  She will get something fuzzy and suck her thumb while holding the fuzz in the same hand.
11.  Supper outside on the deck.  We couldn't resist with the nice weather.  And that is twice this week.  :)
12.  Miss M, Miss A and Little I putting on a show.  Directed by Miss M (per usual).


Kimberlee 14 May, 2011 00:14  

I agree, the egg in the middle of the lawn is kind of sad. But it makes me curious how it got there. Do you think it was snatched from the nest by potential prey only to be abandoned on your yard? Huh.

And I love when little kids put on shows. Always so original and creative.

Anonymous,  14 May, 2011 06:11  

What a wonderful day! Full of contradictions and mini mysteries. Fun!

amy gretchen 14 May, 2011 11:08  

oh the little lost egg makes me sad too.

your lara bars look yummy.

my girls love when the new friend comes as well.

kylee 15 May, 2011 16:57  

love that your kiddos get so excited about the friend magazine. nothing better than eating dinner outside on a warm evening.

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