Friday, April 15, 2011

12of12 April 2011

Getting this posted a little late.  I did take the photos on the 12th, but was too busy prepping for My Birthday Party to post.  More on the party to come.

1.  Breakfast Smoothie.  It does have green (fresh spinach) in it, but the blueberries over powered the color.
2.  Pick-up Basketball at the church.  A group of women and I play every Tuesday and Friday.  (Although I can't make it on most Fridays).  I really enjoy being able to play and associate with these great women.   Our children play with toys & read books at the end of the court while we play.  Today we had A LOT of children because it is Spring Break.  A few were big enough to play with us.
3.  Had to some errands and picked up a donut snack. Please excuse the runny nose.
4.  The Cup: Changes my tap water into Alkaline Water.  I do feel a difference (spell check says that word is spelled correctly, but it sure looks weird) in my energy level.
5.  Watched a neighbor's children while she got her hair cut.  A bunch of kids were playing in a different neighbor's sandbox.  Spring Break & Good Times.  Though is has been a little chilly of a Spring Break it is at least not snowing or raining (too much).
6.  3 of My Pearls watching Tangled.  I liked the movie, but the high reviews caused a bit of a let down.  It was good, but nothing spectacular for me.
7.  Chocolate Chip Cookie Deliciousness.  And, of course, a cup of milk for dipping :)
8.  A couple of Spring gifts from My Pearls.
9.  A quick run to get paper (and balloons apparently) to finish up some decor. for My Birthday Party.
10.  Soup and Bread Bowls for supper.  Yes, the chilly weather influenced this.
11.  Tailoring a shirt.
12.  Working on decorations for My Birthday Party.  (You can tell I am not excited for the party, eh.  I am turning 40 and am throwing a big party for myself.  Wahoooooooo!)

It is never too late to play along with the monthly 12of12.  For more info go here.
I hope your 12th was great too!


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