Thursday, April 7, 2011

Latest Projects

 This project was upcycling a pair of jeans.  You know, one of the 100s of pairs that get holes in the knees before the winter ends.  I realized today that I didn't put ribbon on that I bought to go with it.  Oh well, she loves them anyway.
Pillow re-do.
The stencils: I couldn't find what I wanted in the stores so I made my own.  I printed a font onto a file folder and then cut out with an exacto knife.  It did take a little time, but not too bad. Next, I stenciled with brown fabric stencil ink the letters onto the pillow cover.  
The ruffles: cut long strips of the same fabric that I used for the pillow.  Then sew at the least amount of tension to gather.   Sew the ruffle down the middle to the cover.  The edges of the ruffle were left undone for a more rustic look.  To keep the edges from fraying, sew down the sides, fold in and sew or cut edge with shears.  All this was finished before sewing the cover over the pillow stuffing.  Sewed 3 sides, put in the insert and did a hidden stitch to close the bottom.

The next 2 projects I made for my shop.  Along with others I recently put in the shop.
 Travel the World Large Magnet Board
Family Photo Frames
My neighbor took family photos for us.  They turned out great!  The one I wanted to enlarge could not be cropped to fit a normal size frame, so I had to get creative.  I found a large wood frame at a thrift store.  Sanded it down to give a old look.  I tried to find some linen paper or matting to put around the photo, but nothing seemed to look right.  My next idea for the "matting" was jean or rough linen.  With the help of a friend, I chose the jean.  The jean material came from my husband's old pair of pants. I cut a pant leg down to fit over the edge of the cardboard piece that came with the frame.  Then taped the jeans' edge to the back of the cardboard.  I had some white chip board letters that I antiqued the edges with brown ink. 
The smaller frames I had on hand and just sanded down a bit to match the look of the large frame.

Of course, more projects underway.  I am making some dresses for the girls which are close to being finished. And also I am getting decorations ready for My birthday party.


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