Monday, February 14, 2011

You Will Find What You Are Looking For

Happy Valentine's Day!  Love is in the air.  The sunshine makes that easier.  I wish the warm weather would be here to stay, but unfortunately it is only here for a short visit.  I'll take what I can get though.

Many people see hearts everywhere they look.  This weekend I found one with my potatoes.  My daughter found one with a chip.  I think that when you are looking for something you will see it.  Hearts, love, kindness, happiness, misery.  You will see what you focus on.  I remember when my mom got in a car accident when I was younger.  The car that hit her was a Crown pickup.  We never saw any of those around . . . until the accident.  And then we saw those cars all of the time.  Kind of happens when you buy or are looking to buy a particular car.  They pop up everywhere.  So where is my focus?  Am I happy?  And if not, why not?  Where does my focus need to be?  Simplicity helps me.  I look forward to Spring and Summer.  To be outside playing in the sunshine with my family and friends.

So, today's focus: love and happiness!


emilyruth 14 February, 2011 21:59  

love your potato!
(surprise, surprise :)

& i love your attitude, too!


Anonymous,  17 February, 2011 20:50  

great positive message...I think I needed to hear it today :)

p.s. thanks for visiting!

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