Sunday, February 13, 2011

12of12 February 2011

1.  Bag of Bagels.  A neighbor from our old neighborhood gets day old bread from a delicious bakery and they still share some with us.  Yum!
2.  Exercise necessities: water, music, Ensign.  I usually run a little, then read while walking, end with stretching/yoga.  Sometimes only yoga.
3.  Since we decided to stay in this home for at least another year, I decided to unpack and try and organize the storage room a little more.
4.  Weekly chores.  How do you motivate your children to get their chores done?
5.  Emptying out a bean bag so that I can wash it.  If you can, avoid doing this.  It is amazing how much static is in the styrofoam beads.
6.  Kiddos LOVE to color!!!
7.  Enjoying the sun filled day and soaking up some natural vitamin D.  It was so nice! My little ones joined me to eat some snacks.
8.  Miss M enjoys being outside.  She was the first to take advantage of the sunshine.  I told her she needed to put on shoes and she said, "but it is so warm outside."  I thought this was a good photo of her to sum her up a little: skirt, no shoes and playing in the dirt/cement at the neighbors (outside her home border-she is definitely a boundary pusher).
9.  Date with B.  She got a dipped blue-raspberry cone.  Looked disgusting to me.
10.  Continuation of date with B.  We have been playing a lot of checkers and chess with the kiddos.  I really want them to master chess, it is a good thinking game.
11.*  Sweetheart's Ball at church.  They served ribeye, potatoes, greens and had a chocolate fountain bar.  It was really good!  I had been looking forward to the event because they also had dancing.  I love to dance!  I even got Rob to join me for some of the dances :)
(at least the slow ones).
It was a fun time!!!
12.*  Rob and I at the dinner/dance.

* Taken with the iphone.


Anonymous,  13 February, 2011 10:08  

Looks like a wonderful day. As for chores? Around here nothing gets done until the chores are complete, so that provides a lot of motivation since mine are all at the age where "I have a life, geez mama, sigh" is heard more and more often! Thanks for sharing your day :)

CLEANFLIX 13 February, 2011 10:18  

I danced to more than just slow songs. I cant help it that I dont jitterbug and dance to frank sinatra. They didn't play anything from the 90s or 00s.

Miranda 13 February, 2011 11:19  

I think spring fever has hit everybody HARD. I'm glad you were able to enjoy a little sunshine and warmth.

Cleaning out a storage room is always such a monumental task! I hope it went well.

Kimberlee 13 February, 2011 16:55  

Way to workout while reading your Ensign. I'm not coordinated enough to work out while reading. Working out needs my full concentration.

noisy penguin 15 February, 2011 09:19  

Your chess set looks beautiful. I really want to get better at it; I find that I'm currently able to think 3 or 4 moves ahead, but everyone I play seems to be thinking 10 moves ahead!

amy gretchen 16 February, 2011 07:15  

See thats what I missed being out in the sun. you had the right idea.

Glad you had time alone with b. I enjoy playing chess with my b too.

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