Sunday, February 20, 2011

Live In The Present

Today at church the last hour was combined Relief Society/Priesthood class (Adult women/men).  A new High Councilman spoke about living in the present.  He works on the corporate level as a "mental coach".  My lovely diagram above kind of tells what he talked to us about.  And I will now try to explain it.

Some people live in the future.  They fear the future and the future doesn't even exist.  They have anxieties which is a watered down version of fear.
Then some people live in the past, dwelling on mistakes or changes that they can not change.  These people are depressed.
The top back and forth arrows represent someone who goes back and forth between past and future, never in the present.  I think I fall into this category lately.
The 3 types above don't live in the present.
Thinking of the future isn't all bad.  We need to plan, have goals.  This motivates us.  But then move back to the present --> into action.  When we are in the present, "the now", we do.  He said that the Holy Ghost only lives in the present.  An example he shared was that this last week he woke up early every day (not on purpose) with thoughts about giving a couple of talks today (anxieties/future).  He then got up to write down the thoughts about what he should share (present).

He shared a children's book story:
A farmer's stallion ran away.  
The nieghbors came and said: what bad luck.
Farmer: maybe.
The stallion came back with 2 wild horses.
The neighbors came and said: what good luck.
Farmer's reply: maybe.
The farmer's son was riding one of the wild horses, fell off and broke his leg.
The neighbors came and said: what bad luck.
Farmer: maybe.
The army was passing through town recruiting and passed by the farmer's son because he had a broken leg.
The neighbors came and said: what good luck.
Farmer: maybe.

The point was that we don't know what is going to happen.  Live in the present.  Bad may be happening to us and it may be good for our future.  Action can change the bad to good.  But just worrying about what the bad will do for the future won't change it.  Good may be happening to us and we pray it stays that way.

Selling our home was a heart wrenching choice.  It still is hard at times because we miss the neighbors and area where we lived.  But we can also see the good that the move has brought us.  Better financial position, nicer home and we are learning a lot from the people around us now.  Life still isn't easy (is it ever all easy?), but working on present problems can make the future easier (I hope).

I wanted to get this down so that I could remember to live Now.  Although sometimes I feel like my hands are tied here in the present and want to skip to the future.  But I guess skipping takes action as well.  Ha.
It makes me think of my little ones too.  I need to enjoy the moments with them today and not dream of different moments that may not ever come. 
Enjoy today.
Love today. 
Live today.


Amy 05 March, 2011 23:13  

Oh, Shelley.

You can't even imagine how much I needed to read this today.

Thank you for sharing.

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