Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fresh Air and Good Times

A & I finishing up lunch outside.  Oh how I've missed the sunshine!  Once February hits, I am all ready for sunshine and spring.  I am looking so forward to Spring!
I had this table under our grape arbor and decided to move it to the deck off the kitchen.  It has been used every sunny, and not so sunny, day.  It reminds me of when I would stay at Ga's (my mom's mom) house.  She would set up lunch for me and her outside at a little table.  We had to go downstairs and around the house to get to it, but so worth it.  
I learned a lot from my grandmother.  She had been a professional seamstress, was a great cook and had a huge garden that I would joyfully work in.  I believe she and my dad were the major influences on me with my love for gardening. 
The memories are flooding back and I am so grateful for them!


Lis 23 February, 2011 20:04  

Such lovely memories ... and seems you are making new ones for your family :) Fresh air ... oh, what a treat! We have had a couple of lovely days and now more snow? sigh.

I also enjoyed your previous post about living in the moment ... that story of the farmer and the horse has really helped me recognize my tendency to want to label things and be reactive when in the moment, things just are. What matters is our staying open to love and possibility.

thanks for stopping by my blog ... looks like you are already a practicing Joy warrior :)

xo Lis

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