Friday, September 3, 2010

#3 starts Kindergarten

1st Day of Kindergarten
She had to make sure that I was getting her backpack in the photo.  :)
Miss A. has been so excited to start school.  A real big kiddo now.
She reminded me that I needed to have a welcome home sign and 1st Day of School Party for too.  So of course we did.  Little I helped me with the sign.  And to make it even more of a party, picked up her friend outside her class.
Mr. M, her friend, was waiting outside her class with me.  She looks and gives a huge wave.  Wait.  It wasn't for me it was for Mr. M.
I'm glad that my children don't have fear of being away from me.  I think it is more the other way around: I have fears while they're away from me.
Miss A. was very happy to have her sign and "party" when she got home.  
I'm glad that you had a great 1st day!
Miss Howell and Little Miss A.
(candy in mouth from Mr. M)


Ms. Cara Havenar 07 September, 2010 20:48  

I always tell you this, but Al is SO BEAUTIFUL! That first pic especially, stunning! She could be a little cereal commercial actress or something :). KINDERGARTEN, wow! And big month for Illi, the Spiderman theme!

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