Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back to School

I have mixed feelings about my children going to school.  I won't share all the reasons why, but one is that I will miss them.  I'm sure this will subside. But I don't think that I have ever felt it so strongly.  Yes, it is a nice break away from each other.  But when they are around it is more good than bad.  I guess the feelings stem from the move this summer.  Changes happen in life and I want my children, and our family as a whole, to feel close to one another.  And we do.  But just the thought of them "out in the world" and away from each other makes it seem a little heartbreaking.  There are some changes at their school this year.  One is that they have recess before lunch instead of after.  They don't like this because they now can't sit with each other at lunch time.  They have to sit with their class.  The change is a good one, but I am sad that they can't spend that time together.  And I am glad that they want to be together.
Miss M told me before going to school that I could make a cake and plan a 1st day of School Party to have for them when they got home.  Ha!  Her sisters and I did make a Welcome Home sign and some cinnamon rolls (recipe posted manyana).   
Then we went out for dinner.   The girls loved it.  They especially enjoyed the divers! We saw the 2 shows 2 times each.
 I love Miss A's stance in the photo.  Getting ready to dive?
 Little M trying to free herself from Daddeo's grip.  Independent like her sisters.
I guess one reason why back to school is hard for me is because I know they are growing up.  Fast.  They already seem to be slipping from my grasp.  I can imagine good times ahead.  But these young years are the easiest to teach them and I wonder am I teaching them enough of the good so that they will make the right choices and be safe.


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