Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Colorado Fun

In July we took a trip to Colorado to hang out with family.  A cousin from Illinois was going out to Colorado for a family trip too.  So we planned it so that we could all be there at the same time.  Here is how went:

My bro, John, and his family belong to their community pool.  We made a lot of splashes there.  John was a kid magnet!  Maybe because he is so gentle and calm all of the time.
Dinner at Jim and Glant's.  Miss B helping Aunt Glant prepare dinner.  This is where we were able to see Cousin Steve and family.  It was wonderful being able to visit with them!  Steve came prepared with old photos to share.  A highlight of the evening was when the fire chief showed.  Jim's BBQing was putting out a lot of smoke and a concerned neighbor called the fire department.  It was hilarious. You can see the fire chief's truck in the top right photo.  Food wasn't burnt and tasted great!  Little I and Miss A enjoyed dressing up with Cousin C.  Little I loves Spiderman!  She wants to marry him.  
She says because "he is a good guy."
Little I is notorious for falling asleep in the car, even for small trips around town.
 Hiking around Garden of the Gods.

B. was filling up her water bottle and didn't realize the water would shoot straight out.  The handle was like a water fountain so she assumed the water would drip down.  She got a surprise!  It was hot so she dried quickly.
Of course you have to have ice cream and arm wrestling after a hot hike.
Hanging out at Grandma's.

More High-flyin' Splashes, Relaxing and Park Playing.  
Luckily the clouds were blowing away from us.  :)
Cheyenne Mtn. is such a great zoo.

Picnic at the Park
 My little Monk.
D. making sure that Baby M wasn't being left out.
Playing Pirate Ship.
Trying not to get their photo taken. Gotcha!
 Yes, cameras can take photos in the dark.
Tour of the Olympic Training Center
Pool where cousin Michael has practiced.
Eating at Red Robin
(One of Buck's favorite restaurants).
M. getting ready to order.

 R. enjoying the rain.  It was coming down fast and hard too.
This was our last night there.  Too bad we don't all live closer to do this more often.

On The Road Again
We didn't have a DVD player in the new van yet and so Rob loaded movies onto iPhones.  Each of the older 3 had an iPhone to use and Little I used a laptop.  Boy, traveling activites sure have changed.  Although, I must insert that they don't get to watch the entire way. Just 2-3 movies. Ha.
 Our van transmission was acting a little weird early in the trip.  Rob got it checked out and we decided we would go the long way around (not over the mountains) and take our time getting home.  That journey home took us close to Martin's Cove.
The youth in our Ward had just gone and shared some great experiences.  We decided to take the time to stop.  We got there close to closing time and had time only to rush through a few stations .
We crept in and sat in the front of one station that had already started.  When it was over I stood to leave and saw a couple behind me that were in a bishopric of one of my Singles Wards in Provo, the Wrights.  It was great to reunite with them after many years.
Since "closing time" was getting close the missionaries gave us a ride out to The Cove.  As we were driving out to it the Elder Missionary asked if we wanted to continue.  Referring to the dark clouds headed our way.  We said sure.  I didn't understand that we would still be hiking a couple of miles.  We were not prepared.  We were in flip flops, shorts and t-shirts. The missionary let us off and told us he would wait for us to come back from the cove, instead of us circling the entire path.  As we walked up the path about 10 minutes it started to rain.  And then rain harder.  It helped me reflect even more on those pioneers who had gone through there so many years ago.  The Snr. Missionary rode up the path to get us and then we continued to a point where we could get the Senior Missionaries serving in the cove.  It was a heavy rain, but we didn't mind. On the ride back to the visitor center we saw some deer.  We were cold and wet but it was an enjoyable time.  Rob and I decided that we need to go back and dedicate time there.  We had no idea what it would be like.  I just finished "In The Company of Angels" by David Farland.  It helped me understand more of what the those pioneers went through.  I look forward to our return to Martin's Cove and really experience the memories and Spirit there.

 More fun back at the hotel.
Thanks to my family for helping us have such a Wonderful trip!!!


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