Friday, August 6, 2010

Wicked Wasps

We have been battling wasps for the last month or so.  A few of the kids have gotten stung once or twice.  But usually only 1-2 stings per time.  We spray the wasps and nests, but they do not stay away.  Most likely because of the nearby water source, our hot tub.  They have even come back to one of the nests a couple of times before we could get rid of it.  I have spotted at least 7 nests around the house/yard.
Today's was the worst though.  I could hear 3 of the girls out the kitchen window screaming like something was wrong.  I looked out the window and saw a swarm of wasps around Little I.  Rob was in the kitchen too.  I ran out yelling "BEES, it's Bees!"  (Easier to yell than "wasps").  The girls were by our garden.  As I ran down the deck steps (the kitchen is a flight up from the yard in that part of the house) I told them to run to me.  Little I was too stunned and didn't move.  I grabbed her and raced her inside.  I was glad that the wasps didn't follow us.
Miss M didn't get stung and Miss A had only 1.  Little I was stung 7 times!  I was so amazed that she wasn't stung more.  Rob found the nest under a bench that sits by the garden.  Little I had been standing on the bench right above the nest.  She had probably been jumping around, which would've got them attacking.  The nest was bigger than a softball and had at least 100 wasps on it when Rob went to spray it.  I am so grateful that Little I didn't get it worse and that she isn't allergic.  She seems to be doing okay now.

A portion of the wasps.
Part of the nest after Rob smashed some of it.  We will have to get the rid of the rest tomorrow.

UPDATE:  Found 7 more nests.  I'm sure we will find more.  And I found 4 more stings on Little I = 11 stings.  Poor kiddo.


Rebecca 07 August, 2010 11:29  

That gave me the creeps! I hate bees or wasps. I am glad your girls are ok.

jenica 14 August, 2010 11:41  

poor baby!
john suggest using brake cleaner (check an auto parts store) it kills them DEAD and they won't ever come back to the same nest. (you'll want to use some sort of mask though)

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