Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Flying High

From previous days' (yes, more than one day) experiences I knew we were in desperate need of going to a park.  So off we went on this beautiful morning.  My Pearls and I had a lot of fun!  A trip to the park did the trick.  Happier Kiddos -->Happier Mom.

I Believe in Farieeees!
(This is one of her favorite phrases lately)
Some teenagers were going down the large 1/2 tube slide with water.  One would go and another would drop a bucket of water behind them to make it a Slip'N'Slide.  They were apologizing to me for getting the slide wet, but I thought it was a great idea.  My kiddos did too and wanted to go down as well.  They would go after the bucket of water was released.  Of course as a result of the water being poured down the slide a puddle of water was created in the bark chips below.
Touching Sky!

I hope that your day was high flyin' as well!


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