Thursday, August 12, 2010


We have had a fish tank for MANY years.  A friend was getting rid of it and we were the happy recipients.  I have always wanted a fish tank, but have never had one.  Well, one with fish in it anyway.  I told my Pearls that we could get some fish after we moved.  I knew they wouldn't forget and it would motivate me to finally clean and check the tank and GET FISH.  
We have started small (aka: less expensive) to begin this adventure slowly.  We had to get 4 so that each of the older girls could "have" one.
Goldie - a Gold Zebra Danio (pictured above) (Miss B's) 
Blackie - a Rasbora Heteromorpha Danio (Miss M's) 
Lillie - a Long Fin Zebra Danio (Miss A's) 
Rainbow - a Zebra Danio (Little I's)

I hope to eventually work up to a large salt water tank.  That is my Fish Dream =)


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