Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cookie Making

Okay so I haven't posted anything about Thanksgiving yet - but that will come.  Today I had fun making cookies with I., A and her good buddy Little Mr. M.  They loved it!  They kept eating bits of dough while I was rolling it out, especially Little I.  She even enjoyed the flour - you can see it on the back of her black shirt.  Miss M and B came home and were able to enjoy the cookies too.
This is Little I not showing off her cookie but licking off the frosting.  That is pretty much all she did.  She would put more frosting and sprinkles on the cookie, eat it off, and repeat.  The cookie only received a few nibbles.

I am trying to slow down and enjoy the season with my girls.  Simplifying and taking life slower definitely has been more enjoyable at times.  I am a on the go, gotto do person.  So this is a good change for me.


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