Thursday, November 19, 2009

Have I Done Any Good

Have I Done Any Good is a new daily dinner table theme in our family. It seems like I got the idea here or it could have been in here. Anyway, it is good that I remembered the idea. And it is that during dinner each person share one good thing that they saw someone else in the family doing and then one good thing that they did. I thought we would do it once a week on Sundays, but the girls have wanted to do it every day. It brings such a nice feeling to the dinner table. Sometimes it is hard for the girls to limit just saying one thing about others or themselves. It's great! And it also helps keep everyone at the dinner table longer - instead of someone quickly finishing and rushing off. I hope this tradition stays. I feel it will add to a better opportunity for other conversation at the dinner table, especially as the girls get older.


jenica 20 November, 2009 07:46  

that's a really great idea!

Rebecca 20 November, 2009 22:32  

That is a fabulous idea!! Thank you sharing :)

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