Tuesday, November 17, 2009

PS learning

I want to learn how to use PhotoShop better and have been playing with tutorials here and there.
So tonight I was trying out a "dreamy/hand-tinted" effect.  I was going to post the photo of  Little I above because it is cute, especially knowing that she gave me this cheeser after saying "take a picture of me."   But I showed Rob the PS effect I put on the photo and he said it looked too creepy with the red colors.  So I messed around with the one below.

The PS result:
They tutorial gave a cool mask to play with but I couldn't get it to layer right.  I also don't know if I really like this photo w/ the "dreamy" effect, but the tutorial taught me some techniques that I can play with next time.


havenars 18 November, 2009 20:02  

I, too, would love to learn photoshop! I try the 'dreamy'/soft focus effect and like it at times, but feel it takes away from the eyes, like here in Belen's pic. The first shows her "true blues" and the other does not, I have the same glitch w/ Reedo's. Anyhoo..see you soon!

Rebecca 20 November, 2009 22:35  

I love photoshop. On my old blog I have links to tons of good sites to help with photoshop. Have you ever heard of actions. They are like short cuts to achieve a certain look. There are a million actions for sale but the pioneer woman has made some and they are free. her site is thepioneerwoman.com and click on photography. My old site is www.becpuls.com and click on photography link. Good luck. If you ever need help with photoshop email me!!

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