Thursday, September 18, 2008

Getting away for the weekend will help clear your mind.

That was a fortune I received awhile ago and have kept in on my fridge. (Although, I just noticed it was missing). So we decided to get away for the weekend-well it was actually the middle of the week which made it even better. We went to the Homestead Resort in Midway. We had a great time! We stayed in the "Bunk House", which means there is an additional tiny room just for a set of bunk beds. The girls loved it!

We began by dining in a restaraunt at the resort. Afterwards we walked out to observe the fish, ducks, geese, and golfers. I believe the ducks are used to being fed by people because they would quack at us and move where ever we moved anticipating a handout.
The resort is based around a cave with a mineral water pool. With the kiddos with us, Rob and I didn't get a chance to go in the cave pool. But we ALL enjoyed swimming in the regular pools and HUGE hot tub (unfortunately I don't have pics of the water events). And they did have a mineral water hot tub which made you feel slightly tingley. We hit the pools both days. After our swim last night we made it a late night and stayed up to watch a high adventure movie, "Finding Nemo."
Today after eating breakfast we slo-o-wly got ready to go swimming. Then returned and slo-o-wly got ready for the rest of the day and check out.
B. found shuffle board boring, but it took Rob and I back to days when we were growing up. Rob played with old fogies where he would live and I at The Lake. I needed a frozen chocolate charleston chew to really take me back in time. (:
There were also other fun things to do.
We enjoyed lunch at another park close to where Buck lived in Heber.
To finish the trip we drove deeper into the mountain to enjoy the beautiful color changes and Cascade Springs.
We weren't gone long, but it was sure worth "getting away for the weekend!"


jenica 19 September, 2008 00:02  

i LOVE it! the pics are great. all of those blond little heads. awww. ;-D and i had to giggle at the one of rob going down the slide. so glad you guys got to get away!


John 28 September, 2008 14:33  

There is nothing better than a few days away to relax. Now I am craving a frozen Charleston Chew.

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