Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Testing.   B. and I tested this last month. 

Testing for green belt B. had to brake boards.  One with a kick and the second with her hand.  She did GREAT!
I am now a yellow/white or 10th gup rank.  Yahoo!  I enjoy doing TKD.   It's a good exercise, social outlet, mental strength and it's a good (parental) release. (:
B. received her green or 7th gup rank.  She was so excited.  We went a little early to her class the day she received her belt.  We had been there about 10 minutes and she had reminded her instructor at least 8 times that she hadn't received her belt yet.  She was so excited!  She was supposed to test in June and get her green belt then but broke her foot the week of testing.  So she has been waiting and working hard to get her next rank.  Way to go Babe!


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