Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Beautiful Room Remodel by Bronson Pinchot

Oh. My. Word.

I love all that Bronson Pinchot did for this part of his home that he is remodeling.  

The Bronson Pinchot Project.
Watch the kitchen/living room part of the remodel here.

I can't wait to put some of his ideas into place in my next home . . . in 2+ years (after our family travels).  I really love what he did to cover the fridge and other appliances.  Wow!  I have a love for antiques, inherited from my dad.  I enjoy wondering about the history behind antiques, especially ones that have been in the family for many generations.  I love the worn, chippy white paint.  The fireplace mantle turned out beautifully!  The beveled french door frame and the door themselves.  All of it amazing!


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