Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer Fun Week 7

~Started off with some thriftie shopping.  The girls were having fun trying on a bunch of High heels.
They fit me Mom.  Can you buy them?  
Me: Yes, maybe when you're 20.
~4 Batches of cookie dough, can't ever make too much. A friend was leaving to go into the Mission Training Center and we made him a big bag of cookies.  And then we have been eating the rest.  :)
 ~Corn on the cob eating.
~Movie watching
~Magic Trick Show.  The girls went around to the neighbors to get them to come watch the show (2 tricks).  They had several adults and kids coming over.  They made signs and put the signs on their bikes.  You could easily hear them ride around and yell Magic Show For Free.  They would also do this to every passing car.
 ~Getting ready to bike ride.
~A family of quails come hang out in my neighbor's yard everyday.  You can't see them well in the photo, but believe me they are there.  The babies and mama are eating away while the dadeo looks on.  It is neat to watch how the dad watches out for the safety of his family.
~Miss B brought me Baby late the other night while I was working on the computer.  She was soaked in sweat and so I took her shirt off.  Baby sat in my lap and was playing with a pen.  I knew she had a pen because she was clicking it open and closed.  Moments later, not sure how many moments,  (you know how you can get lost into the computer world) I noticed that the pen wasn't clicking anymore.  I looked down and she had decided to use the pen...on herself. She has more all over both thighs that you can't see in the photo.  Oops.  Guess I should've been paying attention to her a little better.
 ~Enjoyed one of our favorite backyards.
~I found this sign taped to the back of our van a couple days after they had done the show.  We had been driving around a lot that day too.  Hilarious!  It would be fun to know some of the thoughts people in other cars would have had.
~Hot tubbing (this ended up being our water venue.  I know, lame since it is in our yard.  I did plan on going to a real water venue, but Rob had to work that day we were going to go and ended up changing plans 3 times that day, Saturday.)
~Wedding reception fun.  They had a photobooth which M&B especially enjoyed!
The frosting is all over her face.
 Plan #3
~ July 24 Pioneer Day Celebration Breakfast
The Stake President brought his horses. and My Pearls enjoyed them.  Miss M and B couldn't get enough and wished that they really could have ridden them around.  I couldn't keep them away.

Ready to ride!
~ We then proceeded to Kennecott.  Pretty amazing!  Miss B didn't want to go, then once we were there didn't want to leave.  
The sky photo is with the moon.  Little I loves to point out the moon during the day.
Ate a little In and Out.
While Rob was at a meeting My Pearls and I headed over to Temple Square.  We didn't get enough time there a couple of weeks ago and wanted to go again.  We had not been downstairs in the North Visitor Center very long when the fire alarm went off.  My oldest two were a little panicked.  It ended up being a false alarm and we could re-enter the building only a couple of minutes after exiting.  
We sat for a short time in the tabernacle.  Baby picked up on the acoustics right away and kept making hooting sounds so she could hear the echo.
Someone was practicing on the organ and it was loud and the piece he was playing was annoying.  I couldn't quite get what it was supposed to really sound like.  Or maybe he was just trying to be loud and obnoxious.

Rob met up with us after his meeting and we then finished the fun, hot day off with some ice cream.


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