Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summer Fun Week 6

This week was packed with fun.  We had Aunt Glant and Cousin C staying with us for part of it.

This is how it went (and a reminder that many shots are done with my iphone):

~ Baby wanted her hair done for church until I started to do it.  But we toughed through it.
~ A couple of surprise photo shoots by a couple of My Pearls.  There were about 20 done of the patriotic combo.
 ~ Water Park Fun
~ 12of12
You can read the photos/events details here.
~ Miss A Gymnastics
~ Miss B Basketball Camp
~ M & B swimming for Activity Days

~ Jeepin'!

~ Worked on some furniture and stuff.
~ Ice Cream to cool off.  3rd try was a charm.  We went to the BYU creamery on 9th but there was a HUGE line of camp kids.  So we tried the WILK. Closed.  3rd try was B&R.  Success (w/ blurry photos)!
 ~ Visit to Temple Square.  It was great!  A friend of Glant's was able to join us.
Kendra, A. Glant, Little I, Cousin C, Miss B, Baby, Miss A, Miss M, Mwa
 Aunt Glant handing out wishing pennies.
 I believe one of us ladies said something about wishing we could wade in the pool.  Let me say you can't turn your back.  I turned around and found one of My Pearls standing in the reflection pool. Guess who?
Right after having her get out another daughter of mine got in. Geesh!  But we did discover that the reflection pool is not only about a foot and a half like we thought.  It was over knee deep for the 2 water testers.

Nice and reverent
Thanks Aunt Glant and Cousin C for visiting with us!

~ Cleaning the hot tub 
~ Chillin' ~ Yummy barbeque, amazing yard, fantastic weather, great music and beautiful friends.
M & M

What kind of summer chillin' did you enjoy this week?

Oh, and here is a video I found that I don't believe I had seen before.  I think it was taken about a year ago.


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